Sunday 27 March 2022

BBQ Grill Tray Handle

With the barbecue grill that I made, I found that I would finish grilling and then want to use the fire pit - which meant that I would need to remove the grill whilst it was still hot.

This gave me an idea for another welding practice project.

Grill tray handles are simply handles which clamp onto the edge of an oven tray so that it can be moved whilst it is still hot.


Basically I intend to make the same thing for the grill. 

Using some left over angle bar from the grill, the plan is to create a C-shape, with a bit of flat bar for the lip.

This will latch onto the angle bar that creates the frame of the grill.

This will be connected to a rebar handle, which will provide some mechanical retention by being put through a drilled hole in the angle bar (the translucent bit in the diagram).

I turned some ash wood to go over the rebar, and secured it by welding a thread from a bolt to the back of the rebar, and adding a washer and end nut to secure it in place.

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