Sunday 21 September 2014

New App/Update: Bluetooth Macro and Voice Input

This new app is an update to my previous Bluetooth Macro Input app. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, I could not issue this as an update to the existing app.

The new version focuses more on the voice recognition and transcription features of the app,

Now any macros you store in the Macros subfolder can be selected by voice. For example, if you store your macros in
<DEVICE STORAGE>/BluetoothMacroFiles/
and have a macro called
<DEVICE STORAGE>/BluetoothMacroFiles/Macros/Hello world.txt

Then the voice command "Hello World" can be used to load and play back that macro.

Usage guide for the original file-based macro system can be found here.
Previous update notes are available here.

Requirements Changes
Companion hardware is still required, see the original post for details.

The minimum required version of android is Honeycomb (Android 3.0)