Wednesday 30 July 2014

App Update: Bluetooth Macro Input

The Bluetooth Macro Input app has been updated and is now available on Google Play.

New Features

As well as it's existing ability to send text files stored on phone, it is now possible to use voice recognition to transcribe voice to text and send that text via bluetooth in the same way, effectively allowing your phone to act as a dictation machine for your computer, without needing to install additional software on your computer.

Please note the voice recognition uses Google's voice recognition API. As a result, I do not have any control of the quality or accuracy of the voice recognition. It does also mean that Internet access is required to use the voice recognition feature.

Usage guide for the original file-based macro system can be found here.

Requirements Changes

Companion hardware is still required, see the original post for details.

The minimum required version of android is now Honeycomb (Android 3.0)

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