Saturday 1 June 2019

Mechanical Pencil

About a year ago, at Makers Central, I did a wood-turning tutorial and made my first pen.

Since then, I've added a mini-lathe to the workshop (purely because I lack the room for a full size one).

Just before heading back to Makers Central this year I thought it'd be good to have another go and see my progress.

Being me, I'm not really a fan of just constructing kits, and I always like to try and incorporate elements of upcycling and reclaiming into my projects.

I've had this ballpoint and mechanical pencil set for as long as I can remember - it's old to the point where you can see how faded the plastic has become. So there's the upcycling bit of the project sorted, this time I'm going to make a mechanical pencil to re-house the innards of this one.

The pencil is walnut and chrome - I wanted to try and keep the same shape as the pen I made last year, but use contrasting colours to the maple and brass that I used last time.
The metal bits came from a clicky pen kit, but were a good enough fit to work with the pencil mechanism.

So there we go. Making pens is enjoyable, but doesn't make much of a project, and I generally don't make more than one of the same item, so I don't see myself becoming a full-time pen turner any time soon, but I do have some variations of the theme that I might pursue.

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