Wednesday 27 November 2019

Glass display tray

Last Christmas I was given a nice set of drinks glasses.
In order to keep them safe, I keep them in their original cardboard box, which keeps them safe, but isn’t aesthetically great and keeps them hidden, so this was a quick project to create storage for them that is better looking and more permanent, and would fit in with the display stand I created earlier.

The box itself is made from iroko scrap. The outer walls are simple butt joints, and the dividers interlock each other as shown in the animation below.
For a finish, the wood was treated with danish oil.

Obligatory TL;DR finished project pic:

read on for a description of the build (and me practising my 3D skills in Blender!)

Thin foam was cut to squares as a base in each of the six segments.

Thin strips of foam were then wrapped around the glasses and they were placed into the box, where the edges of the box act to hold the circle of foam in place, and finally small triangular segments were cut and placed around the circle to pad the corners. This creates a suitable fit, and the foam has an almost velcro-like quality that holds all the bits together without needing adhesive.

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